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Reviews for "hitchHiker: part Two"


The artwork is this piece is just fantastic and I actually felt sympathy for both of the characters which shows that they were well developped. Well, I would like to make a few more comments but i don't want to give the story away to those who haven't seen it.

An Urban Legend come to newgrounds

my god i was scared yes SCARED while watching this

whoever is doing the voices they did a fantastic job capturing the fear and raw emotion in thier voice for the character

the sound and music damn so incredible

this is like an urban legend i heard before
only it ends with teh boy is a serial killer and the bum dont know but takes the fall anyways while he smiles at him when the cops arrest him

this is gorgeous animation and spectacular graphics

this is one of if not the best example of dedicated animators on newgrounds who amaze us more everyday with fantastic animated movies like this

pure genius thank you for making this


very well done, lots of scary flashes in unexpected places. Good animation too, teaches a good lesson about judging others. Keep up the great work! this should be a to the top of the portal.


that was fucking awesome, all the times he killed the guy i thought it was actually happening. you really know how to scare people this movie was amazing. are u gonna make another 1?


i just felt sorry for the kid i thought that the guy was going to kill the kid but oh well