Reviews for "Versus II"


I LOVED IT! i love Sprite movies cuz of thier retro feel but yours...its was all sprity but not........i love the tracing!!!! good job! i wanna see more!!!

Very very nice...

First one was good...this one was better.

But stop trying to brag about the sprite thing already :P

Maverick22 responds:

Thanks. But Im not bragging about the sprite thing. The first one came out MONTHS ago. and Im just letting people know. Thats why theres a comment box for the author's comments.

pretty good

that was brilliant i havent seen the first but this was pretty good make more like this

I hate sprite movies.

But I didn't hate this one.

Me likey.

It is about DAMN time someone showed the sheer awesomeness of Charlie from Street Fighter Alpha!
You have my 5, pal!