Reviews for "Versus II"

Very very nice...

First one was good...this one was better.

But stop trying to brag about the sprite thing already :P

Maverick22 responds:

Thanks. But Im not bragging about the sprite thing. The first one came out MONTHS ago. and Im just letting people know. Thats why theres a comment box for the author's comments.


Must...play....Marvel vs. capcom.......

Maverick22 responds:

Yeah me. too. Maybe I'll go play MvC2 at the arcade later on today.

Very smooth, I like the tracing effect.

Has the feel of an action cartoon, which is very good. Your animation is great, the only thing that I would improve is your storyline.

By the way, how do you do tracing? I haven't a clue how....

Maverick22 responds:

Thanks. Well there really isnt supposed to be much of a storyline.
Anyways. as for the tracing. Its in under one of the options. Its called "Trace Bitmap"


It wuz nice and smooth. even though the spriting sucked a bit, Trace A bitmap choose pixels and

Color Threshold: 0
Minimum Area: 0
Curve Fit: PIXELS
Corner Threshold: Normal

Maverick22 responds:

Ummm yeah I tried that.
and it turns out looking like the actual sprite............. and thats not the effect that I am going for.


but next time remember to lower the sound quality so it don't take all year to load

Maverick22 responds:

it wasn't the sound at all.
I thought so too. Thats why I have 2 versions. One with no sound and 1 with. Theres only about 400-500k difference. Its all the sprite tracing that takes a lot of space.