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Reviews for "Abstract Art"

Very good !

That's very well drew. But, what do they mean ? There's something to say, no ?
Just too little, but wothout that, perfect.

N0RM responds:

The meaning is up to your interpretation ;)

almost there

i just think that u shoudl separet this picture and do 3 diferentes
will be better ^^

but its amazing...

N0RM responds:

Thanks! :)

I put them together because I did them all the same day and they are meant to be look at the same time.

Good stuff

I don't really like reviewing abstract art... it's so hard to judge.
But good for me (and for you) this time it wasn't.
This reminds me of many things... I don't know how to put it in words, but to feel like that is in my opinion pretty much the purpose of abstract art:
to see memories in it!

N0RM responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate the honesty you put it your comments.