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Reviews for "Zombie Mario(beta)"

A good concept, with many bugs

It may one day lead to an Ultimate Flash Mario, but it still has a lot to go.

1. One hit, game over. Consider three lives.
2. Touch an enemy anywhere, you die. Goombas and koopas should be the dead ones when you jump on them. Boo diddly, spike tops, etc. still kill you.
3. The platforms with stationary Mario on them are fake. You fall through.
4. This game is impossible. Still, it is passable.

ShibbyHoboJoe responds:

ya i gotta figure some things out

Well Its ok but...

At the forest you cant get past it and also make a better one.

Has some kinks to work out

Now I dont know any actionscripting whatsoever,so I cant really help you with some things.But even though you made a good first game,you made it a little impossible to beat.

Things to consider in full version
*Movie showcasing the story,you know make a movie of the story like an intro
*Add invincibility stars
*Make enemies killable
*Start as small Mario and get powerups
*Bonus Stages(Hey like the cartoon! :P)
*Lives and Continues
*2-4p support
*Jumping sounds
*Fix his stance and all,seeing him move when you arent doing anything(Like moving him) is not really interesting.
*Use sprited characters or make your drawn enemies smaller
*Putting me in the creds for ideas(J/K)

Just keep those in mind when your actionscript skills get better.

3 out of 5

i dead, have to start over. this is game stupid.

............Easy & Hard