Reviews for "Mastermind: World Conqueror #2"

My Fav of the 3

Well done! I love your loops and the Mastermind game itself!, This loop sounds the spookiest, and I think thats why I like it the most.


eerie! :O

A very "spooky" tune for the game, still great and nice to listen too though.

PS: Glad you made the 4th loop for Mastermind, it sounds GREAT

make it alive-er

dunno, just spit ballin' in the dark, but mabye this version could be liven up, the background melody i hear could also be made a little louder (not the bass, the swooshing) gets more feel to it, like i said, a suggest not entirly something to be taken in

The-Swain responds:

I might try that. I'm afraid of making any of it too prominent, as this is supposed to be background music and not jam-out-in-the-car music. But the "swooshing" sound could probably use a little lift.


Great sound track! Can't wait for the actual game!