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Reviews for "king stroker"

Im the King Stroker, Recognize

Im the king stroker yalls, 2670, beat that one, bet you cant, cause i am god of the stroking. You have to have some good jack off muscles in real life to master this one, like i have :D if someone gets higher then that, legitly, then i will step down, until then, IM KING STROKER, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha thats great

original game thats challenging. made me have a nice laugh, tho i did feel kinda weird playing it but, oh well. i got 2750 on my first try... i had little previous experience i swear


Very innovative. Im glad to see someone come out with a truly unique game that relies on the player's skill and has the graphics and sound to back it up. Keep up the good work.

Loool !

The must of bad taste, but so funny :))

Much Ado About Yanking

Sweet!!! That was great. I know a lot of people may not like the music or style, but it is a great parody of Japanese arcade games, which is what I believe you were focusing mostly on. The girls voice was such a classic arcade narration voice, and the voice of the guy when you lose, when he says "too late, your balls explode!" Well, I nearly fell over laughing. Note I gave it a ten for interactivity ;P
You should make more arcade parodies. I never thought there could be such an in-depth system to simulate self-satisfaction!!!!