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Reviews for "Inspiration"

I get a lot of my inspiration from reading the headlines, which feels similar to driving yourself off a cliff and being cursed to live to envy the dead.

cryptidcurrent responds:

I'd prefer the latter tbh

Well, mission complete, hahah!

dingdong as a bird

when i saw the orange sky and a forest, 1st thing i thought was (forest fire?)

It's a slant rhyme I believe but "Practiced Rhythm" ie;
"despite the present pain of a fractured sternum,
they wrote the gifted words with a practiced rhythm."
Nice 4 koma format use, it's interesting seeing the western culture adapt to it because of phones and such as I had grown up with the lateral thinking of boondock Calvin and Hobbs and Garfield.
Do you like working top to bottom, or do you find it limiting?
Thanks for making this.

cryptidcurrent responds:

Thanks for the comment, I never would've thought of "practiced rhythm".
Newspaper comics like Calvin and Hobbes are some my biggest inspirations, so I guess I just gravitated towards that format. I found it limiting at first, but I've gotten used to it, and now I actually enjoy not having to think about how the panels should look and just focusing on the drawings in them.