Reviews for "Knock Knock"

I was speechless the whole time...

but that didn't stop me from laughing underneath my breath. Giving you a 10, my good sir. :)


Are we so put off by homosexuality that it can serve as it's own punchline?

Your work is very important, Marc. Although I'm glad that you've stepped off the soapbox recently and shown that there's more to your humor than making the straight guy nervous. Your timing's usually impeccable, though. I mean, "Cement" wouldn't have worked without the surprise!

But I still think your best one is "The Last Two Men on Earth."


This was your First Flash am i right? :) Its the best ive seen xDDD LOL
Did you just fart??

O M G ...!!!

Oh, holy shit..... that was disturbing, bizarre ... but I freaking loved every second of it.


That was shocking and quite disturbing, but still incredibly funny. I enjoy your style; the unique artwork and animations fit perfectly. Great voice acting too. Keep it up!