Reviews for "Tetra the Hipster"

I think my friend had this as his profile picture. Heh

Or was it you...lol Idunno

I haven't played the Wind Waker game, but I certainly recognize this artwork. It's simply too popular of a game for me NOT to. I think this picture isn't bad. You could have used a background. I guess it is kind of funny to see the character turned into a hipster like that. There could have been more detail.

Congrats on being HotDiggedydemon's favorite art submission! I guess the white outline kind of works. I think the proportions are nice and cartoonish. Then again, that's the actual character and not your vision of him. I guess I wouldn't, um, recommend this?

tetra iz juzt one of them weird zelda characters to me.and before any of you fan boyz start ranting on me i do know that she iz actually zelda in "diguise".

fun art!

Like it!

Kinda remind me of L from Death Note!!!! NIce job