Reviews for "6 more dead babie uses"


Dude lol that was funny but i seriously think that you need to get off the computer for like....10 years! but over all it was pretty funny (except forthe croch warmer that was just wrong!)


i think ive talked to u on aol before..if not then some one musta seen this and thought to repeat it to sound like their original the fucking dunce he was. i love it, its like a blood soaked wet dream come true.

I almost shit myself that was so funny!

I want to have that halloween mask. I would wear it every day! That was one of the most hlarious fuckin movies ive ever seen. Make more!

*giggles insanely*

I want that mask for my birthday!

hella funny

this was pretty funny and i'm about to watch the first one....dead baby jokes make me laugh