Reviews for ".X. Welcome To The Matrix"

I'd be dancing to this in a club

Real Professional!
Great intro with the piano,
great trance riff,
good break...
Nice melodics,
outro break piano is good the second time too.

What can I say? Keep it Up 10/10 5/5 Favorite

XenoxX responds:

Thanks a lot for the Review


Very nice! i love it when i find theese gems of music on newgrounds! i rarly review music, and if i do its extremly good. ive only review about 5 songs. consider this a privlage :D. very amazing peice 5/5

XenoxX responds:


Well done

10/10 Review
5/5 Vote

Well put together with smooth transitions between the different rhythm lines, and fairly original beat to it. Its good to see that indie trance isn't dead with more composers that can put music together at this quality would bring more people to enjoy Trace for what it really is that being put off by some of the horrible main stream trance.

XenoxX responds:

Thanks for the review YAY!!!!!!!


on DJ Tiesto or ParagonX9?


Welcome to Rainbow. good call. I like it! Great piece of music. Hope to hear more!