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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"


c'mon make this game! please, and an idea 4 u, if we could choose wat character we are and our name, that would be cool, ciao


Hmm...excellent game. I'm mucho impressedo...but this game is more an adventure game than a RPG...although a rose by any other name, eh? Still, I'd like to see this completed. Very promising.

Chriminy this is going to ROCK!

can't wait to play this one, it looks hella cool!


great game but make the enemies harder to beat. The graphics need a little improvement otherwise its great

Finish the game quick!!!!!!!!!!

Well you need to have mulitpe enemy combat and different selectable characters for battle and multi ally combat and a stronger story line. But it's still good for a flash rpg. Keep up the good work.