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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"


is it just me or was a lot of that ripped off from the old Mario and Sonic? the song was annoying and most of it wasn't even your idea. I didn't understand what the girl and that guy were doing there.


Great game alot of effort, good music, nice thought, good graphics but nothing great keep it up though!

Sucked Ass, you are all losers

Dude, ok, de oni reason I gave you a 1 is because, I mean, you had to hav at least a 3rd grade lvl to be able to program something of this caliber. Great Job buddy, you rule! You really know how to appeal to losers! The only reviews iv'e read are people saying "yeah I love this game, its relaxed" and "The pic was awsome". THE ONLY REASON YOU FU**ING LOSERS LIKE IT IS BECAUSE YOU CANT LOSE!! For fuck sake, make something that doesnt repeat itself! Aw, that pic was good! Im a loser that looks at nude babes all day and cant score, and I stopeed at the pic and watched all day, squirrls rock! Now im gonna borrow my paw's shotgun and shoot me some real squirrels! Geat owff mah propertay!

this game has been so fucked up

this is the bomb(not!)and the bomb is gonna be blammed