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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"

Post High Scores please! -4410000

Ok I figgered out the best way to score I think, so I'm curious whether I'm right - if anyone does significantly better, post ur scores please!
So yeah, pretty cool - as always awesome sounds, maus. Lates.

The best squirrel game ive ever played!

I thought this game was going to be something thats just gets boring,but after playing it the first time,I ended up playing it at least 50 times!The music just keeps you pumped the whole time!I love it!I want the music too!

I love the song! I want it!!! JAPANESE MUSIC ROCKS

the concept is easy yet entertaining. the first time I played this, i lost on purpose so I could hear the song. I LOVE THE SONG! The game is good too, with the hentai girl (O_0) keep up the good work and keep making franks adventure 3!

P.S. Now you have made me want to buy a lot of japanese music and to learn japanese too.


Sweet music,sweet game! but, I can't help to wonder is that hentai chick supposed to have a point in there? meh. still cool. P.S. that anime chick is HOT! god, i'm a loser...


Jeez I played this game for hours one of the best games here