Reviews for "Fun Time Shooter"


That was very interesting, I think it was awesome. How did you do the recording for that? it looked extremely smooth with only one or two times where he jumped for the death video thing. Hope you make more.

kick ass

thats kick as, totaly different and just cool as shit. great idia.

Very Creative

That was a great idea for a game. Never would have thought of it. Everyone else commented that you should have had fake guns....naw it was funnier the way you had it. I voted you a 5 for the great idea. Expect to see tons of people taking using it for their own flash.

Crafton responds:

Ah yes your right:/ thats what i was worried about when submitting it. I guess I can say I was the first :'(

Best Shooter on Newgrounds

This is A classic from the begginging...
fake blood would make this game kick ass!

keep making more of these and try to make it a lil longer..

:) it was awsome


that was so bad, IT WAS GOOD.