Reviews for "Love Hina sim date RPG"

Would be a 4 if it was not for the bugs, I've plaid it a couple of times... Very seldom I can get to the end without it crashes before...

Other remarks that cost one more star: the characters are all the same except for the text -> so if you compare with the anime where they are well differentiated, it makes a much too psycho Shinobu whereas Sue is really much too calm (basically she should attack every single meet). + for the +18 I guess it's for the drugs and so on... But then it doesn't need to be ranked "hentai" . Well except if there is some hentai endings... Once again I don't know because it nearly always crashes before I reach the end.

one of my first ever dating sims, loved it since I was I think 10. Mitsune is my favorite...not sure why.

Nice! but I like when the women are the protagonist

That feeling when you see this game game portal for kids, and here is it ranked for adults :D.

A cool game, but was a lil more wacky than sexy. you don't seem to actually score with any of the chicks, they just give you a cheat code at the end. here are all the codes ive found while playing.

-eva4hidden (random scene)
- sofarsogood (some more randomness)

- naruhaseyes (play as Naru Clone, increased stats)
- allyourmoves (all attacks unlocked)
- moneygrowsontrees (25k in da bag. get your schooling out of the way and buy a bunch of dem health potions to increase your max HP right off the bat.)

- rainbowsrgood (dressup)
- smashwatermelons
- motokoismotoko