Reviews for "SAButops - Pokemon December"

So the pokemon you best relate to is a Kabutops?


Is it because you have brown hair?

If you give any animal pretty eyes and tits and it'll look like furry porn! XD Just kidding. But you know what I'm talking about.

This could be an interesting Flash idea. A collection of Flash artists depicting themselves as Pokemon. As if they went through that Pokemon changer machine or that fail mini-series about Pokemon Dungeons.

For myself....I always loved Electric types, but I always imaged myself relating most to an Abra. I love to think I have high perception whenever I sleep.

Sabtastic responds:

Hah! Yeah! To be honest, I've always had a soft spot for Pokemon with sickles for arms. lol Scyther is one of my favourites, too! There's really no relation to my personal appearance, maybe besides the 'brunette' part, so for that reason, I felt the need to add boobs in, too. lmao

Is it bad that I think you would suit Hariyama? lol It's such a stereotyped Hawaiian Pokemon. No offense, I hope!!




I feel more like a snorelax (minus the fat)
mostly because 1 time when I was a kid I fell out of my bed and still kept on sleeping. lol see wat I mean?

hmmmmmm nice

i dont know what id be maybe a ummmmm primeape


I'd be a Lucario.

greatacally fantastical (my made up words)

id be a snorlax and smeargle combination its hard to pick just one because im very artistic,creative, and lazy.