Reviews for "Bonus Stage #3: Character"

wiggity wiggity waffle

kool movie."swing te bat tacun" FLCL rocks newgroung rocks ban the moose teats ban them!!!!!

w00t! Great episode

Love the fooly cooly referance. Damn, now I wanna see that again... thanks alot jerks! I gave you a 0 out of 10 for revenge!


Hehe,funny animation,I specially liked the character anima tion

as per usal you amaze me

how you manage such seemless fluidity od animation is beyond my puny mind

AAAannnnyyywwhhhho excellent work again i would ask for some more game references like in high score but wooo there was a lil at least


cant w8 to see more all your work has been cool


I thought the characters were drawn rather simply yet good. I noticed how the characters don't actually move apart from the facial expressions, they just talk then go into another scene where thier arms are in a different location. Thats just lazy