Reviews for "What if death did wait?"

Really good

So sinister..:) the colours are freaking amazing, love the blending between red and purple and love the little outfit mr. Death has >:)


Very good

i like it, its original, make more its very good.


"I could not stop for death,
so he kindly stopped for me.
The carriage held but just ourselves,
and Immortality."
-Emily Dickonson

Absolutely amazing skill and artwork. One of my favorite pieces. The amount of techniques that were demonstrated in this piece were perfectly shown as well.


wonder if he smokes, I mean realy think about it, he has no lungs,he's a skeleton ,and he can't really die unless he trips on his scythe.

thats totally death

best representation of death that ive ever seen
scary, cool, classy, and AWESOME at the same time

im now convinced thats what death looks like