Reviews for "Deep Space Rhythm"

Very Nice

At first it does seem too fast but if you actually listen and let your ears adjust its a masterpiece of the genre in my opinion. Great job

ragingmullet responds:

Thanks a million! I like to think the drums shine in this piece.


This song is going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy 2 fast! the instruments r a little 2 crazy.....

ragingmullet responds:

I apologize you cant handle it, but technically speaking the tempo is not much faster than most techno/trance songs. Its just more rhythmically complex. Thanks for the review tho.

Umm....ADD anyone?

The beats and bass are too crazy and fast to be enjoyable. The synths and other noises are too similar and too close in pitch to supply a good melody. Everything in this song in general is happening much to fast.

At parts it was okay. But those parts were rare. Overall the song needs a huge helping of diversity and variety as well a tempo slowdown. Otherwise its simply annoying, and not very enjoyable or pleasant in anyway.

ragingmullet responds:

I disagree about the speed 100%. Its weird Techno stuff, its supposed to be fast, plus im sorry you can't handle more complex beats and melodies. I hate it when all techno/trance all sounds the same. I wrote this a super long time ago and I was first starting so its not that great, BUT I still was trying to fight the typical trend of everything sounding exactly the same. Im sorry you find it very not enjoyable again I was just starting.

Very nice

It's one of a thousand spacey songs out here. But this one stands out.

ragingmullet responds:


Yet again..

10/10 5/5 Lol. Its awesome. Good work or buen trabajo. what ever you prefer

ragingmullet responds:

Thanks much!