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Reviews for "Frank's Adventure"

Cool game

OK so how do I start off this review as these types of submissions tend to have me stumped, but they are still unique in there own way, they bring some nifty elements to the table, and theres alot to visualize among other things, so in general its a decent entry, it was alright in my eyes, There are things I wouldnt mind seeing changed for the better though. I will say the grand theft auto style of game here was pretty nifty, good graphics and fun overall.

not anything really maybe some improved effects and maybe some voices for dialog.


can't... beat.... ski... thingy...

Frank's Adventure is a great game full of nostalgia. It has simple instructions, and is the original of the series. One of the first dating sims that I ever played.

game works fine, but the art is lacking.

nice it was easy but i am a legendary gamer beat it in about 8 minutes