Reviews for "Pumpkin Simulator 2003"


and this would be the first I've ever used.....I fudging love it!

yesss...thank god ..no slimy seeds...

pretty phat ....i mean how many flashes are out their where you can carve a fukkin pumpkin...none that i have seen...good work

Good stuff!

Good for a laugh.
This has some great effects with the candle and the sounds at the end are pretty good.
This is a brilliant submission for under 50K, but I think the score is too high for what it's worthy of.
Don't get me wrong, it's a good submission but it's not that great.

It's a good seasonal flash, very good indeed.

Damn this is good!

So great and such smooth actionscript :)
Can you add sounds when you cut :P :O

that was quite fun actually

I didn't really think that a pumpkin simulator would be this fun. (of course I had to have a go carving in some obscenities)