Reviews for "The Deep"


So funny yet so wrong...nice flash. Hahaha...*shudder*...hahahaha.


yar hooked on old men with pretty legs huh!

glish responds:

Yes, I am! Thanks for the nice score :)

i gave it a 3

well i gave it a 3 bcuase of the sexist remark about blond men. im blond and im a man, but jsut because i think like that does not meen every other man does.

good animation crappy should keep truckin'

glish responds:

Awwwww, I WAS really being somewhat sarcastic... but i took the comment out 'cause I wouldn't want to offend any more guys! :(


"The blonde guy is modeled after every guy on the planet. See if you can figure out in what way..."

you shouldnt group all guys together like that...some.. me included .. dont think that way.

i kinda feel sorry for women who think all men are pigs just because some are.

as for the movie.. the art was good.. the voice overs could use alot of work.. it had potential.keep practicing.

Pretty good

But way yo short