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Reviews for "End of Summer"

Very happy

It makes me wanna dance. Very joyful and very cool.


it was nice made with the base
and stuff, im not the best of giving a grade and english sorry for that already,
still nice maybe good for a party if you are giving,
but still i always say intros are never good BUT still it is a nice intro,
im gonna use as party music still respect

Truly beautiful work.

Seriously... This was perfect. No boring parts, changing enough to keep interesting, but too much, all the sounds went perfectly with each other, and all the sounds were clear and you could hear everything that was going on.
Bravo, mate. Do more like this.


this has an awesome beat

addicting to listen to i could dance to this as long as i wanted to!

Crank that wicked tune! XD

Awesome rythme! Great sounds! Such a party mix I could dance to this all night! This song is just awesome, people need to hear it. Not really anything was wrong with the tune, it was truely flawless!