Reviews for "Wulfgar BGM - Boss"

I love this!

It loops really well, and it's very catchy.
And it's also rather epic, as always with your audio.
Brilliant stuff right here.


If you were aiming to make it a looping tracked, you could have worked it slightly better, so that it flowed into the beginning more smoothly. Otherwise, I loved this piece!

Evil-Dog responds:

it loops perfectly, NG doesn't
Listen to it in game


i give you 0 stars so my commet would be more like an eye catching commet and i might get a respond from evil dog!

Evil-Dog responds:

hmm...you sure are an eye catching idiot...


This song really is great. When I heard this song a few parts of it were exact to the boss battle of Lufia 2. ;)

wheres the game this is in?

u rock dude, u fucking rock. my screen name should be evil-dog fan.

Evil-Dog responds:

on Newgroungs...it's called WUlfgar and I give the URL