Reviews for "The Life of a Can"


This movie had an incredible storyline to it. Graphics-wise some parts were better than others, and you seriously need to get a new microphone.

Stuart-Hart responds:

The microphone is okay, it's just me being crap at voice acting.

Timing is everything in movies

And this movie has some of the best timing I've ever seen. In that field, you are truly a master. I am not in favor of stick movies in the Portal, but yours are truly worth keeping. All of your submissions flow perfectly, drawing the viewer along to its conclusion. It would be nice, however, if you could bring your graphics up to the level of the ideas contained in your films -- that would make them truly great. Keep up the good work, can't wait for Angry Hillbillys #2!

Good work

I love the way it is all linked together. Nice ending as well. I was wondering how it would end -half the planet getting blown up was ...er...not expected to say the least. Nice animation, sound etc... but what made this movie what it is was the quality idea - lots of thought was put into it. BTW - the skaters stunts looked kinda cool.


Excellent movie, mi amigo. Very creative use of the can and great animation.


.... Recycle