Reviews for "Following the river"


very nice composition in this piece.. i like the sharp highlights under the bridge.. make it seem pretty distinguished.. nicely done.. also.. not sure if you intended this.. but the cottage on the left is hardly noticiable due to lack of contrast. unless u weren't tryin to focus on something else in the piece.. it's pretty nice :D


I'm very nitpicky, so don't bash me for this one complaint. The bridge on the foreground looks out of place compared to the rest of the picture(which is awesome). great job!

What a wonderfully valley

I love landscape pictures more than any others and this one is the best I've seen on Newgrounds so far! Your eyes are naturally drawn towards the mouth of the river but as you look towards either side you see that this is more then a simple river cutting through rocks. The building, rocks, trees and bridge all reflect an feeling of beauty.


simply beatiful
i love it i simply love it


Some of Legend of Mana Scenes :)
Good job man.