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Reviews for "Gex"

A nice image of Gex, capturing his personality well, the textures are good also with the feint lines over his body.

R.I.P James"Gex"Hartman T_T

This takes me back. I remember that Gex, Enter the Gecko was quite popular when I was a kid, although the game didn't seem all that great to me. Still fun though, I should perhaps look it up again sometime.

Anyway, this looks like a pretty good drawing to me. Nothing all too special, but very decent. I think you could've done a little bit more with the background though. I'm sure there's a lot of stuff in the game that could've been inspiring, but it seems like you put all your effort in the foreground and quickly wrapped up the background to finish the drawing.

Overall 3.5 out of 5. It's pretty good, but definitely not your best work.



I miss gex, he was such a playa. Anyway sweet art, is it hand drawn?

MasterMerol responds:

I miss him too :( Thank you! The lineart is done by hand, the coloring was made with flash.

Amazing Picture

Great Picture. It really shows off his type of cool. I love Gex he's my favorite video game character. If I was president I would force them to make Gex 4. lol

MasterMerol responds:

I would do the same!