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Reviews for "Road Trip"

Ah, a connecting rod failure... Those are never fun. I see that the car has steel wheels, since there are no pools of aluminum where wheels used to be. I never noticed how closely high-pressure sodium lights match the colour of flames, lol. Would be interesting to see what a version with LED street lights would look like with a "cool"/"warm" lighting contrast/juxtaposition/whatever you call it.

Nice effects!

Holy shit. ♥

Cool! Just a random thought: Why is the car burning? Some damage at the post of the street light could have been a great detail.

moertel responds:

You can make up your own story of how this road trip ended... ;)

Edit: Fun fact, in the first sketch the car was parallel to the street and I kid you not that looked like vandalism, not an accident, haha.

well, it rocks... and the best thing about it is that I was listening this music ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFZjqVnWBhc )while I openned this art, it's awsome <3