Reviews for "RobotDay2010"

Holy Fuck!

I didn't expect the roses, damn nice.
I'm really enjoying the shiny nature of the metal "Skin" and the glow of the blue.
I think this was worth the time put in, you have a very nice piece here
easy portfolio quality.

A rose by any heart... er... a robot too... aeii

Howdy CosmicDeath! Beautifully rendered side profile, with especially good lighting/rendering to produce a stunning, metal bride. So much luck and keep 'em coming!


i rlly like the background and how it draws to the character. i also like how the lighting does this to.

Love it...

Truly a representation of the human body's natural beauty, and an attractive rendition of the portrayal of technology. Great submission for Robot Day!

p.s. LOL @ CosmicDeath's response to zekrom's post. Seriously, zekrom=diva.


I haven't seen something this inspirational in a really long time. I like the line is in both directions diagonally. And the opposition of blue and red on a neutral yellow is gorgeous. It has natural and mechanical element with emotion...Keep up the good work! (Makes this image desktop background).