Reviews for "The Battlefield III"


Dude this is so so so so cool....i've seen 1 n 2 but this is the best i think. i like everythin about it!!really i can't see n e thin wrong with it!!keep this up Dammit!!


from all the stick figures movies i see is nice
like xiao xaio but this is more bloody and gore
.....i like and it very good keep up the good work

Kill Kill Kill

I didn't think stick figures could be so funny

Lots of death ^_^

This movie was awesome I tell you. There's nothing like eating 2 bloody stakes and watching sticks slay each other like maniacs ^_^

It was good, non stop action, and it never got boring. Bloody 'til the end. Keep up the good work I hope

Violence makes me happy ^_^

War at it's gloriest

That was prett sweet. I loved this one because it was longer and had much more action than the previous ones. Ur getting better, and I hope to see more.