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Reviews for "Sea in a Coconut"

wow really cool

can you give me some advise? i meen i usually colour my art with colour pencils but i want to try doing it with a pc program, what do you suggest?i need an easy one cause i dont have experience with drawing programs (or programs at all xD)
well anyways its a really good picture i really like it i meen it gives you a peaceful emotional by looking at it dont know why tho

Merol responds:

I can't give you a lot of advice since the only drawing program i know how to use is flash, but i'd sugest you going for something like photoshop or gimp.


Saddest scene in the whole movie. D:

Merol responds:

I know :(


Did you try a different way to draw? I like mozzaics but...better remain at drawing with pencil collours! They get a deeper emotion of meditation...as odd as it sounds. Do they float in a half of coconut...who bitted the boat? That shark? Is that an ocra in the distance? How can be that whale as small as an apple!? I wonder whats with onion, message bottle, the black ship and those tentacles...

Merol responds:

Yeah, I drew it with pencil and colored it with flash. I could make more like this one, but I will make more the traditional way.
Yeah, the shark was probably the one who bitted it. Yeah, that's a orca, but it's not small, the apple is giant.
That's not a onion, it's Wilson the bolleyball!!

dude you are so......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really, your are perfect!!!

besides (and i know im not the only one asking) when is comming AITT2? (my abreviation to Apples In The Tree) i know you said you gonna take a long time to make it, but really dude you are so awesome (at least a stimated date?)

Merol responds:

Heh, if you say so!
I really don't know. I will make more games and movies before releasing it. I'm sure it will take more than a whole year from now. Maybe in 2012. But I've been thinking on the history and everything!

love it

love your art its simmilar to what i use to draw keep it going

Merol responds:

Glad you like it!!