Reviews for "~BH~ Through The Snowfall"


All my 10...This song is great, it deservers the top of the week.
This song is awesome 5/5 10/10
You are awesome

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks a ton!


Wow! I think that you did a great job.

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks :)

Pretty good

I loved this. It could fit a snow theme, depending on what events happened up to the snowy area. Who knows.

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks :D

A work here

The whole song is terrific as is! I like the solos u put in it. There need no improvements here. Great job. Keep it up.

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks 8D

There is no way you did all this in Sytrus!! Do you do youtube tutorials with sytrus?? I would subscribe if you did. XD I use Sytrus, but it's hard to work with for a noob like me. Nice work! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Blackhole12 responds:

No but I did make these: http://fav.me/d192m6y