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Reviews for "Myra In Her Study"


the amount of detail is mind blowing... im going to take it you used textures for the chair and wood effects?... i love how you paint your shiney areas so well... its really nice and well done... the linework is pritty flawless... just a few points...

the dragon looks like its glowing but theres no lighting on her face or hand...
the chair legs *the one at the back* isnt making any shadows onto the floor and looks like the whole image has just been dropped onto the background...
possibly dull down some of the items on the table... so they dont look so refined like you have donewith the books underneath...
it would have been nice if the picture in the fame was something you did... *i think you didnt anyway :3, could be wrong*
as always in your work there seems to be little hickups... but nothing that cant be fixed... a few more been the texture just peeps out of the linework behind the chair and possibly a few more shadows where required...

i really like the "mood" in this picture... the hue of the light is lovely...
another fantastic work!!!

Sabtastic responds:

Oh man. lol I'm definitely going to have to fix those little details at some point before I print this. D:

You've got a good eye for detail, man! Thanks for the critique!! :D
Will repost eventually.

This is so good....

.... I can't even think of a witty comment! :D

But honestly, I love the light-dragon, her pose and everything. gr33bl3r & LegolaSS have a very good eye for details and they are right, but I would not have noticed all the little things they mentioned.

The title is "Myra In Her Study " but it looks as if she is playing rather than studying or practising. This makes her seem very powerful. I don't know if this was intended but adds a nice twist to the title. I hope I'm not overinterpreting this. :P

Impressive work yet again!


You surely have alot of talent. I love your drawing style! Is that all you or did you pick it up from someone els?

very cool

walk in see her my thoughts "hope she didn't notice me and walk away slowly"

Nicely done!

Ahh, the nostalgia, it reminds me so much of one of my mum's friends apartment, in Bucharest, brings back so many good memories :D.
Anyways, I love how you put the background from your drawing with the jungle waterfall and girls in that frame there. The texture on the chair doesn't really give the impression of a material, more of a vinyl or a drawing on it. And the floor make's everything seem out of place, but all in all, it's very well done.
And btw, her head turns too much, you need to see a little bit of the other side of her face, like, just the outline of the cheek or something.
Very well done :D
Btw, criticism is improvement, improvement is awesome, awesome is Sab, so yeah, keep doin' ya thang xD