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Reviews for "The Portal Outtakes"

simplily awesome!!!

that was one of the best flashes that i've seen in... well i've seen a lot of great flashes lately but it was really really excelent. extremely funny (either the lightsaber scene or the one where he getts the porn in the e-mail were the best). keep up the good work.

Fucking Funny!!!

That fat kid was fuckin' hilarios. Great sequel for a killer flash.

nucking futs!!!

i didn't even watch "the portal" and i still rolled on the floor laughing

great job!!!!!

lol...star wars kid...


ITS THE STAR WARS KID!! HAHAHAHA!! I didnt see that one coming! hahaha, that was hilarious man, and i loved 'The Portal'

Thanks for putting these up

I didn't see them in the original 'Portal' None of them were super funny, but they were all pretty good.