Reviews for "Shasta ++"

hehehe this is great

kinda rshed but still funny. and it makes so much sence if u ever go to teh bbs


I hate clock crew movies, but I love Shasta cola. Bonus points for suxor your penor.

Make with the fucking head.

That is the greatest movies EVER. By the way Glue, you fucking suck, Insomnia and I are better than you could ever wish (even if Insomnia is homesexual, which is sadly frowned upon in todays bigoted world, but even though I am not a homosexual, I still feel Insomnia can do what he likes, as long as he stays away from my asshole.)


That CLock is a loser ROfl oMFG1!!!


but u forgot the little arrows that they have when they were talking

Insomnia responds:

I didn't feel like it. I was lazy and tried to rush this.