Reviews for "Sonic: Uncut"

Funny As HELL!

I wish that there were more of these flashes

"I'll have a glass of KILL SONIC!!!"

This is a very very good movie. Best since Sonic Chaotic Battle (which was made by a completely different flash artist). I smell sequal for this movie's future.

That sucked at being horrible.

That was definitley the best flash I have seen other than ganons return, Honestley, I loved it so much I actually watch it over and over! Everything was good the humour I even think the voices were dead on! (Sonics was a little tiny bit off) All those people that say you need sex and gore are complete N00BS I admit Gore and sex can be funny, But If it is too sick It's stupid, I personally think this is THE best sonic flash!



I love Shadow

He was funny as hell.

The bell boy scratched my suitcase so I snapped his neck and hid his body under my bed. Hahahaha ^_^ This is great