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Reviews for "Alien Opera"


Pretty good for a fisrt submition. not bad. 5/5 10/10


Its very catchy and has a nice beat to it.


You know what? I really like your song! Despite of some losers giving you a 1 without actually listening the song, I'll give a 5 because I loved it from beginning to end!
Seriously, upload more music of yours, please :)

silkng responds:

Thaks Maki! I think people who vote before listening to the full song, or most of it, shouldn't really vote at all. This one gets real good after the 2 minute mark. Thanks for listening!

P.S. Two more tunes are up now. More to come!

very nice

Well, for your first submission to NG, I would give it a higher score. But for NG in general, I will have to give you a 7/10.
Since the other people gave you a 1, I'll give you a 5. This song's intro could use work since half the zero voters listen to the first 10 seconds of the song.
Anohter thing you could work on is the length of the song. I don't tend to make 5-10 minute songs, becaues the people on here get bored pretty easily. So, try to introduce those sounds ealier and take out some of that middle stuff that repeats over and over.
Sorry if I butchered that song for ya. I don't think I did, but...yeah.
Sounds pretty promising in the future for you. Keep makin music, as they say.

MC BigBoy

would you take a look at my latest song, Small town? It's a little ways down the list of newest submissions, and if it doesn't, click on my name Yodamanjaro and there on my artist page you can click on the song. Should say MC BigBoy--Small Town.

silkng responds:

Hey Yoda,

I'll submit some shorter songs too. But sometimes I get carried away - I do feel that most of my songs grow on you but maybe I'm biased!