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Reviews for "I Am Insane (yes sir)"


This is currently my favorite song I have found in the audio portal.

Nicely done!

Love the distorted effects with almost everything. Also the fast BPM is nice and makes me nod my head. :D Seems very simple... (seems like not many instruments were used, at my guess... maybe 8? that's including the drumkits.)

5/5 10/10. :D

Wow reminds me of old school early 90's games

This just reminds me of the music score in some of the PC games I played in the early 90s. Back then it was all about how electronic can you go.

Nice one mate.

Also you got the mixing at a nice volume, a lot of stuff I run into which is techno gets mastered incorrectly and is either too loud that it damages the speakers or too soft that you need to turn it up, which I think shows a lack of knowledge in mixing.


holy insanity...this ROCKS hARD MAKE MORE DUDE


This is really good! The only problem is the little distortion. Try taking it of by keeping the db meter below 0. It's really anoying. It destroys the kick's sound. If you are using the FLStudio, open the Mixer channel and take a look to those two bars on the right. They can't reach the red area (near 0). Control the master volume (master channel) or the kick volume.

Hope you get it!