Reviews for "Barthezz - Infected WinterMix"


New Wave, you hit the nail right on the head. Seriously, it sounds really similiar. ok here's a link for ya.... type in: youtube "dot" com/watch?v=sevsQuBC8V8

As for what it is, it is a live remix of Daft Punk's two songs, "Steam Machine" and "Too Long" . This is shocking how similiar they are.

Nice song BTW.

Winterwind-NS responds:

wow you guys are right, it is quite similar
tho that song tho was almost unbearable
it was crazy repetitive
but yeah glad u enjoyed

love it!! MWAH!

wow, I love hearing this masterpiece and listen to it at the beach!


I come in newgrounds for about 3 years now, I made THIS first account just to say.
That this song really is so god damn good, this totally goes on my ipod, many thanks for making this supper peace of art.



this to totally catchy its great! woot!


I loved the varying melodies throughout the song.
The progression played out pretty well between Major and Minor.
I also loved how you were able to use both AM and Am in the same progression.