Reviews for "shogunate: samurai spirit"

Excellent Samurai game

I loved this, this is the second best Samurai game on NG (right behind Ronin) Beat it on my second try. But I think you couldve added more special features, maybe a story mode with dialogue and hidden opponents for scoring under a certain time? here's my stats

Hare: 0.1
Nina: 0.4
Genjuro: 0.09
Amatsu: 0.1


very fun game, fast i could get is .16 :P u should make a muiltiplayer version of it :D

Great gob

Make more clicking involved. And try and get them to move

Great game

1 of the coolest samerai games I have ever played

Nice concept

I really liked the concept and the anamation was very good. But if it where lnger and got a little harder i would play it for hours. But it was a cool game and im obsessed with samurai thats why i gave you a 10 keep up the good work.