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Reviews for "[ANIMATION] Chiwan Peek-a-Boo! [OC]"

Adorable :3

So absolutely lovely and cute <3

I think I love you

Awww, that's so wholesome

Blue, Your Characters are Gonna Kill Me. I Don't Mean to Gush So Hard (Well, Not The Metaphorical Gush Anyway~), but I Mean Damn. Just Look at This!! The Retro Anime Look is the Perfect Blend of Stylized and Realistic Aesthetics, and Reaps the Benefits of Both in Spades!! The Cute, Alluring Artstyle to Draw Ya In; and the Realistic, Frame-Heavy (For Anime, At Least) Movement to Keep Ya Entranced. All that with Your Ability to Fill Your Characters with Personality and Charm through Movement Alone is a Potent Fucking Combination. 'Specially Cause Now I'm Torn Between These Two. Both these Lovely Ladies almost Magnetically Appeal to My Aesthetics and Kinks. A Cute Chupacabra who Looks Like She's a Prideful, Energetic Soul who Desires Experiencing Life's Sensations to the Fullest. And a Merry Moth who Seems to be More Reserved than Her Counterpart, but is a Kind Soul with a Mutual Love for Life's Sensations. All I Can Say is I'm Glad I ain't a RomCom Character like the Dude from Yatsura, That Choice is Nearly Impossible.

Anyway Gushing Session Over, Christ. Sorry 'bout the Length