Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"


I happen to like the Matrix: Reloaded but that spoof was too funny and well done not to be laughed at. Nice work.

A good sequel to the good spoof!

This one is no less greater than the first part! The crudeness of the animation brings your ideas forward and to be honest, this I enjoyed better than the movie itself, despite the special effects. This is honestly one of the best Matrix parodies, and the voices are perfect! And always remember, kids: "You're fucked. Have a cookie." That line in the first one killed me...

That was great!

That was some funny shit! "what kinds of stuff? 'All kinds of stuff!' 'STUFF!!!' "I'm gunna cut ya!!!"

Yeah buddy

The audio commentary was awsome dudes, great add. The bathroom scence...totally memorable lol i love the ghostbuster spoofs totally original no one has used there stuff in a loooong time great work

rotflmao!!! you guyz are hilarious !

this has got to be the FUNNIEST thing on newgrounds!you rock!although i did like the animation in the first one better,call me crazy but i did. keep up the great work!