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Reviews for "Dark Side Rey III"

The Force is strong in her if you know what i mean

Awesome! Your work is lovely as always ^_^

And MCA, that pun was terrible.

Its pretty sad when i think about how my parents are working and thinking he is probably studying to get a good job but instead am doing this haha

Fuck the keyboard warriors who can't value art. Keep doing you

Somehow joining the Dark Side gave Rey far more character lol

Even when it's SFW your artwork has yet failed to awe and impress me devil. The look in her eyes here really conveys that dark-side arrogance and intimidation. The rain droplets sizzling out on the lightsaber here also makes this feel more she is actually in the rain itself. And damn does her outfit look amazing, fits in with your design choices and yet feels like something you'd see in Star Wars on a Sith, complete with tattoos. And yes, her boobs look very frickin' sexy.

I know I said this before but, fuck anyone who says you can't do sexy fanart of characters, especially if they're people who only look at your artwork to bitch and make themselves feel important.

devilhs responds:

Thank you