Reviews for "StreeT BAll - FreeStyle"

that was pretty hot

Pretty cool movie man, I certainly liked it. I think a more urban backround would have been better fitting, especially with that cool style of animation. Good job.


Gumby CAN jump! *LOL* Nice frame-by-frame man! It just reminded me too much of a couple of "gumbies" playing street hoops. Keep up the great work!

Not bad

Not bad...I mean im not into sport movies but it was still pretty damn good. nice moves in there and i imagin it wasnt easy to do. Good job. By the way FOAMY THE SQUIRRLE ROCKS!

IaMI2002 responds:

ooo.....its all good....CONGRATUALAtioN OF Gettin DA 69 th review!!

dude..i didnt know gumby liked basketball !

lol just kidding..it was cute..i liked the music..very pumped..next time try hockey so they can fight....everyone likes hockey fights !

I loved the idea, but it wasn't well made.

you should of put a lot more effort into the graphics of this movie, it would of made it waaaayyy better.