Reviews for "Zelda Heroic Rage ep.2"

I love link!!!!;)

I like the part when link kicks all the guys butts with his bow and also one of the parts were a final fantasy 10 ripoff with a bomb but oh well make more videos.

SolidSacketh responds:

Thanks! Well, the kick part wasn't really a rip-off...I mean, there's only so much the art world of combat will allow as original. I know Link does flips like its nothing, so why not have him boot a bomb back at the dude?


Well I must say the fight sequences were much better in the first one.. i noticed zelda got a upgrade on her worth inside the rupee.. she was green in the first one now shes purple.. from 1-50. interesting.. the explanation of the hat with the old man.. and the fairy.. awesome awesome touch.. Oh and the 10 for humor was for the pele bomb kick that zelda did.. that was excellent.. Off to find #3 if its there.. Keep it up man i enjoy your work.

I love this series

I'm not sure how, but watching Link kick monster ass gives me a buzz... I really have nothing for you to improve on. except make the monster's heads explode more =D!!!

Better than the first!

This is an amazing series! I liked this one just as much as the first. I loved the way you integrated the hat, gloves, and bow into the story. Great job with the Knight as well. Keep up the good work. I know the series is over but I truly look forward to more submissions by you.


you should have told the viewers there wasn't a cronological order from the games in your movies... now my last review makes me look sort of stupid... oh well. Great movie