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Reviews for "~Burden~"


it's really a piece of somethin... awesomE!!!


5/5 every day, 10/10, and downloaded. Awesome.


sadness! It's hurts!

owch close to hoom your voice is so relaxing

this song makes me think............. oh god i feel like i wasted my life but you your voice your voice its so beautiful it makes me feel ,feel wat i have neaver befor god your good lets talk please i want to talk just you and me please i want to know you and how you got started (dont worry im not a stalker just so you know i meant talk on the computer so none of you losers get the wroung idea ) not you hania your no loser your so beautyfull becas i checked your personle site your soo beautyful please i want to talk as you see i will talk in public it dont mater were or when i just want to talk ok .............


this is so GOTH, why did i even look up this genre... its good, i suppose.