Reviews for "Mariotrix Two"

OMFG!!! This keeps gettin better!!

Dude, seriously you have to finish Mariotrix 3... Im thirsty.. :(
I loved it in the beggining when toad calls mario lazy... and in the answer theres a smiling face =-) <--- made me laugh so hard i almost fell down and I miss some important stuff so i had to close the window and open it again...

Slizzer responds:

Heh i've tried to add some humour into these. Hopefully Mariotrix 3 will not take that long ;-)

AHHH so fresh

and so cool movie. I hope that num3 will come out soon (wonder why you did not land on todays feature

OoOoOoOo Yeah!

That waz supa sweet! I loved it cant wait till the third one comes out! :-D

needs some work but....

DUDE i love it i give it 9 of 10 man that was cool if it was a little longerid say 10 out of 10 but it was a little short it really looked like the mario in the old games good job


OMG! That was so well-animated!!
This one is better than part 1!
U gotta love this series!!