Reviews for "Mariotrix Two"

OMFG!!! This keeps gettin better!!

Dude, seriously you have to finish Mariotrix 3... Im thirsty.. :(
I loved it in the beggining when toad calls mario lazy... and in the answer theres a smiling face =-) <--- made me laugh so hard i almost fell down and I miss some important stuff so i had to close the window and open it again...

Slizzer responds:

Heh i've tried to add some humour into these. Hopefully Mariotrix 3 will not take that long ;-)

AHHH so fresh

and so cool movie. I hope that num3 will come out soon (wonder why you did not land on todays feature


gee this was neat but go to pr0nst4rj00r00.c0m 4 1337 action, but an 4lt3rn4t3 3nd1ng! t1ghtn355, 1337n355! You cant m155 0u7!

:D i made this after watching Mariotrix 3. but still, m2 was neat. cant quite understand who the real ONE is in this series. im c0nfuz3d.

OH YAH 0u7w4r is t3h b3st 5173 for alt endings. go there at 0u7w4r.c0m for ant endings tro this awesome movie

needs some work but....

DUDE i love it i give it 9 of 10 man that was cool if it was a little longerid say 10 out of 10 but it was a little short it really looked like the mario in the old games good job


Wow. What's up with Newgrounds reviews and this moron spammer who keeps linking to Outwars.com?


ANYWAYS, I LOVE the Mariotrix series!

A yet another awesome Mario parody series. AND it's Matrix parody to boot!

Simple fun. Which is what Flash was MADE for. Good job!