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Reviews for "Faun"


You noticed that the guy from Brackenwood looks like a Fauna creature...

Meaning, yours.


This actually quite nice. I could actually see myself having this painting and displaying it in a room as a center piece. Keep up the good work!

It's Bitey!

Looks like there's some impressionistic influence here. There also seems to be some fog or mist in the middle and foreground - it adds atmosphere and to me, the contrast between the light and dark, adds a 'bloom' effect lol. Only thing i can point out is the width of his legs, they're fairly skinny (especially his left leg).

Kajenx responds:

The fog is actually reflections on the paint. :/ The dark colors are really reflective, so the walls were reflecting white onto the water area. At least you like it though, lol!


Usually frontpaged stuff are kinda dull to me, but this is truly wonderful.
I just love the environment. Reminds me of The Elder Scrolls so much :D

That guy is perfectly drawn and fits to everything pefectly, however I think the picture should be larger and that there should be more palce for the sky, so i rate it 9 :)

very well done

the colours and attention to detail are incredible.
It made me think of the album 'Hazards of Love' by the decemberists.
heard of it?
it's quite good.
it's about a fawn, sometimes.
anywhoo, great work with that.